LaJeune Consulting’s Approach to Working With Organizations Focused on International Development

LaJeune International Organizational Professional Development Consulting Africa

When working with organizations that are focused on international development, the underlying philosophy behind LaJeune Consulting’s approach is two-fold: a dedication to “One Health” principals—recognizing the essential interconnectedness of human, animal and environmental health—coupled with the core tenet of biomedical ethics: “First, do no harm.”

When working with international development-focused organizations, Dr. La Jeunesse begins by providing a careful, comprehensive analysis of potential impacts and conflicts, incorporating both proven social science  as well as “hard” science methodologies. She utilizes data-based tools that are validated for use internationally and across cultural traditions.

This approach proactively minimizes unintended consequences for the stakeholders, for local and regional cultures, and for the community at large, while maximizing program outcomes and sustainability.

This approach is also a proven way to actively reduce conflict and promote peacebuilding in areas that are at risk, including regions afflicted by extreme poverty or limited access to essential resources, as well as areas experiencing current or past armed or civil conflict, political oppression, gender-based violence or inequity.


During program design, Dr. LaJeunesse works collaboratively to establish approaches that can be readily maintained.  She leverages her diverse expertise and resources to develop methods that are comprehensive, thoughtful, inclusive, and sensitive to the full spectrum of dynamics throughout development and delivery.

Dr. LaJeunesse understands the critical importance of confidentiality and will work with you to ensure the protection of your sensitive and proprietary information.

Our mutual goal: to craft development programs that are ethically sound, culturally relevant, and sustainable.

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