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With highly successful background as a leader, educator and career consultant, Dr. Carrie La Jeunesse offers a unique and invaluable perspective and skill set as a Professional Development Consultant. She is passionate about fostering collaboration and rapport that promote creative solutions to big challenges, with an end goal of healthy and equitable lives for all the world’s citizens.

Through strategic consulting, mentoring, partnership-building and teaching, Carrie has helped shape the development of robust and successful organizations and initiatives in the US and overseas. She works cooperatively to create and launch visionary programs and operations that help organizations succeed, drawing from her multifaceted work across many disciplines and sectors.

Her background includes work with academia, international governments, NGOs, the U.S. Congress, FEMA, DoD, and USAID—in support of humanitarian assistance, food / nutrition security, economic development, global health, biosecurity, conservation, and disaster/crisis response. Her training and expertise in biomedical and social sciences, death/dying/bereavement (thanatology), complex psychosocial trauma, and professional stress and wellness have proven to be invaluable assets throughout.

Carrie has also served as a leader in charitable, professional and non-profit organizations for over 30 years, and has been a practicing veterinarian and veterinary consultant for the same time period.  She is a strong promoter of science and humanities education.

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Carrie is also available to coach and support individuals in professional settings to help them maximize their professional and personal satisfaction while managing the inevitable stressors associated with their careers.

Professional-Development-Consulting-La-Jeune-Organizations-careerAs a speaker, writer, educator, consultant and facilitator, Carrie offers a broad range of professional networking connections with organizations and individuals in industry, higher education, professional associations, military, international development, biomedical research, medical communications, disaster response, public health, and inter-governmental organizations.

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Carrie Le Jeunesse

Carrie LeJeunesse

Carrie LaJeunesse

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Carolyn LeJeunesse

Carolyn LaJeunesse