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Maximizing Potential, Crafting Success

Organizational Development—from productivity to potency

  • NGO / Not-for-profit organizations
  • Governmental Organizations
  • Academic Institutions
  • Multi-National Corporations
  • Start-up Private Sector Enterprises

Professional Development—enhancing, reshaping or recreating careers at any stage

  • Career Professionals
  • Government Leaders and Policy Makers
  • Institutional Heads

Dr. La Jeunesse works with businesses, organizations, and professionals around the world to cultivate programs and identify strategies, resources and relationships that drive positive, sustainable change.

From organizational structure and development, outcomes-based communications, and relationship management, to community development, public health capacity building, and professional leadership development, LaJeune Consulting provides sound holistic foundations that also promote the health and well-being of individuals and institutions. Learn more about our range of services here >